Dan Lype

Representative Cases



A pharmacist at a big-box pharmacy was alleged to have been involved in a dispensing error that caused pediatric patients to mistakenly receive each other’s compounded medication. The pharmacist’s defense involved showing systems issues at the pharmacy that were outside the client’s control plus evidence of her implementation of new procedures following the error. The Board agreed to resolve the pharmacist’s case with a disciplinary order that included no requirements or restrictions.



The client went to law school after a prior career in real estate and being licensed as a title agent. The client had lost her title insurance agent’s license due to her alleged involvement in a fraudulent scheme involving newly built homes. Based on the alleged fraud and surrender of the client’s title agent’s license, the Board of Law Examiners made a preliminary determination that the client lacked good moral character and fitness. The client’s case proceeded to a character and fitness hearing where we successfully showed the client had not been a part of the fraudulent scheme. The Board members found the client possessed good moral character and they were admitted as an attorney.



Anesthesiologist had lost their DEA registration years before after being temporarily suspended by the Texas Medical Board for mental health issues. After successfully assisting client with having their medical license unsuspended, we applied for the reinstatement of their DEA registration. The DEA was ultimately convinced to issue the registration with no restrictions.


Pharmacist License Defense

A pharmacist inadvertently administered an undiluted dose of a vaccine to several pediatric patients. After the presentation of mitigating factors and remedial measures taken by the pharmacist, the Board agreed to resolve the case through an Order requiring the pharmacist take six extra hours of continuing education.



The applicant went to law school after prior service in the military and a career in the insurance industry. The client had a long history of alcohol abuse and had also been terminated from their most recent pre-law school employer for failing to fulfill their job duties. The Board of Law Examiners notified the client of a preliminary determination that they lacked good moral character and fitness. We then presented additional information establishing the client’s long-term sobriety and showing they had been a reliable and hard-working student and employee since starting law school. The Board of Law Examiners agreed to withdraw their preliminary determination without the need for a character and fitness hearing.



A physician client issued several fraudulent controlled substances prescriptions to a patient. The patient then picked up the prescriptions and gave them to the physician to use. When the client hired an attorney, the DEA was dead set on revoking the client’s registration. The case was later settled through a memorandum of agreement that allowed the physician to keep their registration.



University of Texas at Austin School of Law

  • Doctor of Jurisprudence
  • Graduated with Honors in 2008

University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

  • BA in History and Political Science
  • Phi Beta Kappa
  • Edmund James Scholar

Certifications and Memberships

State Bar of Texas:

  • Administrative Law Section
  • Health Law Section
  • Government Law Section

Texas State Board of Legal Specialization:

  • Board Certified in Administrative Law

Professional Experience

Lype, Dest & Smith, PLLC 2023-present

  • Managing Partner

Leichter Law Firm, PC 2008-2023

  • Attorney

Professional Presentations

  • Speaker at the University of Texas School of Law’s 11th Annual Advanced Administrative Law Seminar: “Forcing the Agency’s Hand: Right to Final Agency Action and Judicial Review of Temporary Suspension Orders Post-Wiseman.” With Rodney Montes (2016).
  • Speaker at the University of Texas School of Law’s 13th Annual Advanced Administrative Law Seminar: “Ethical Issues When Representing Impaired Professionals.” With Louis Leichter (2018)
  • Speaker at the State Bar of Texas 32nd Annual Advanced Administrative Law Seminar: “The Legalization of CBD Oil and Its Potential Impact on Licensees Under Abstention Agreements.” (2020)

Appellate Cases

  • Tex. State Bd. of Pharm. v. Witcher, 447 S.W.3d 520 (Tex. App.—Austin, 2014, pet. denied)
  • Physician Assistants Bus. Alliance of Texas, LLC v. Tex. Med. Bd., 2015 LEXIS 1492 (Tex. App.— Austin, 2015, no pet.)
  • Tex. Med. Bd. v. Wiseman, 2015 LEXIS 902 (Tex. App.—Austin, 2015, pet. denied)

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